Luohe silver pigeon was selling the reform of state-owned enterprises should dare to do subtr 乃々果花

Luohe silver pigeon was "selling"   the reform of state-owned enterprises should dare to do "subtraction" — Henan branch network — Cheng Zhaohua have a light body, easy to make a leap of action. Recently, Henan Energy Chemical Group intends to transfer of foreign Luohe Yinge Industrial Group Co., Ltd. 100% stake, led the market’s attention. One of Henan’s largest state-owned enterprises, while the China "straw pulp first unit". This transfer, not only means the change of the actual controller Yinge possible, is a large state-owned enterprises in our province for the first time to sell its listed companies "". As Henan to the non coal industry, has been regarded as Henan yin’ge marriage can a perfect diversification industry on the road. However, 5 years, not only in Henan can always difficult to get out into the same loss predicament, Yinge is difficult to profit cycle. Look, is the fundamental reason Yinge sale is because the double loss to Henan to bring the huge pressure. However, from the perspective of the reform of state-owned enterprises, it can be interpreted as Henan can clean up inefficient inefficient assets of a move. Indeed, the ultimate goal of state-owned enterprise reform, the state-owned enterprises to do better, bigger and stronger. But in the current situation, relying solely on mergers and acquisitions, to enhance the overall function of state-owned capital and operational efficiency of addition is not enough. How to effectively strip for reform useless burden, solve the problems left by history, as a shortcut to the light. In a sense, Henan many SOEs are wearing cotton trousers "running in the market embarrassment. In view of the identity of the state-owned enterprises and the "physical", on the one hand, it plays an important role in the local economy, society and enterprises need to bear social responsibility. On the other hand, itself for the large and the desire to make a lot of state-owned enterprises continue to extend non main business chain, leading enterprises bloated, and waned together, difficult to stop the decline. The government has done a lot of homework to reduce the weight of state-owned enterprises. At the beginning of September, the Henan provincial government 8 bursts of text, to promote the coal overcapacity in the steel industry to clean up, only the coal industry, involving the closure of 89 coal mines, 22 million 150 thousand tons of production capacity to resolve. And a month ago, I also began to rapid development of state-owned enterprises to divest three for one industry the pace of reform, full stripping of state owned corporate social functions, reducing the burden of state-owned enterprises. But you can see that these actions are more of an external boost. For many in the reform of state-owned enterprises, more concerns should not reduce the assets, dare to fat, there are still many state-owned enterprises have no idea. It is therefore, as the largest state-owned enterprises in Henan, Henan in the reform of the market to take the lead in downsizing, apparently for other large state-owned enterprises, has a positive role model. In fact, the loss of Henan Yinge relative volume, only a drop in the bucket. But according to the need to do subtraction, take off his coat to the race attitude, clearly now the path of the reform of state-owned enterprises has been gradually clear. After all, while ill will be far better than emergency treatment with chronic illness, pain and headache medicine, this is also the essence of the reform of state-owned enterprises. (Wang Pei, Yang Tianzi: commissioning editor)相关的主题文章: