Send gifts to send gifts to the quilt is also reminded that this is a scam routine 姉summer

Send the egg gift quilt is also back now special offer reminder: This is fraud routines? A value of 1900 yuan of wool, by reservation card cash back, white quilt! On the surface is to sell daily necessities, as money making scams. Recently, Dengfeng police successfully destroyed a criminal gang, arresting 9 suspects, recover stolen money 2 yuan. – the Oriental Daily News reporter Li Wei correspondent Yuan Mengxiao egg, small gifts as bait at 6:30 on the morning of September 9th, Dengfeng city south hotel conference room, filled with hundreds of elderly people. Each of them holding a pink propaganda page, a small name of the staff warmly greeted everyone. 7, the promotion began, he took a few manufacturers launched the "special" quilt, off the reel to introduce the "Australia wool" function and advantages, called the quilt the value of 1900 yuan, price as long as 800 yuan. In order to let the uncle aunt who believe this quilt is really good, he introduced finished products, in the field to start a "burning" experiment, and the uncle aunt who said today is the first day of the promotion, the manufacturer will free two sets for everyone to do publicity. The morning is presented, there will be gifts in the afternoon and limited time to buy. After the meeting, the scene of the uncle aunt who also each received 8 egg. Card cash back ring set set because the morning get gifts of the elderly publicity more to the elderly this afternoon. Afternoon opening, the staff on the scene for the one hundred or two hundred elderly people issued a small gift. Later, the staff where they all sell afternoon products — kitchen knife, this knife is worth 198 yuan, factory activity price as long as 100 yuan, while also giving a reservation card, with reservation card can be refunded 100 yuan in cash, that is free to send knife. Ten or twenty elderly people believe in it, have to spend money to buy a knife. After selling knives, he continued to sell "Australia wool", panic buying price as long as 810 yuan, while giving a reservation card, with reservation card can also refund the cash. With the previous trust, a lot of uncle aunt spend money to buy quilts. But this time, the wool was returned to uncle aunt, but did not refund the money. See this situation, uncle aunt who was deceived, and immediately report to the police. Dengfeng City Public Security Bureau of criminal investigation squadron alarm, police investigation, learned of the people to help sell quilt scam ring set set. Send some worthless little gifts to get goodwill, earn popularity, so that the elderly to upgrade their trust. Then took out claiming to be worth $1900 Australian wool was sold to 810 yuan and gave a reservation card, and promised to refund the cash card. To get a lot of trust in the elderly, taking advantage of the chaos of panic buying money pocket, and then fled the scene. Fishing scam pit elderly police investigation found that the case is a gang crime, mostly cheated elderly. To solve the case as soon as possible, the police quickly launched an investigation. September 10th, the police found that the gang in a hotel in Gongyi, is organized and planned fraud. In the afternoon, the gang is pushing in the same way.相关的主题文章: