South Korean man driving excavator prosecutors said to help Cui Shunshi to die – Sohu news 音羽かなで

South Korean man driving excavator impact the prosecutor’s office called to help Cui Shunshi to die – Sohu news according to Xinhua news agency, 1 November, South Korean President Park Geun hye Cui Shunshi alleged meddling cronies "bestie door" triggered violent protests. The morning of November 1st, a middle-aged man rushed into the prosecutor’s office, driving excavators that South Korea’s highest office, injured a security guard and caused little damage to the building, after being arrested to help Cui Shunshi to die ". Police said the man surnamed Zheng (transliteration), aged 45, from Seoul about 360 kilometers south of the sunchang. Around 3 in the morning, he drove a truck, loaded with the excavator, parked in the vicinity of the prosecutor’s office. 8:20 or so, Zheng driving excavator broke through the fence, straight up the stairs, has been opened to the floor door eloquence was stopped. Police said building entrance and other equipment damage. Yonhap published photos show, building positive fence knocked crooked, rolling gate entrance was also broke a hole. The police pulled up a yellow cordon around. Jeong said the police interrogation, to do so is to die in order to help Cui Shunshi, because she said she commits a crime". The collision happened, Cui Shunshi was questioned in a nearby office. Cui to the day before the local procuratorate received a subpoena investigation. In the hall, she stood in the media before the cameras, tears, a small voice said: "I made a death." Her lawyer later said that Cui Shunshi said so only to express their feelings, no legal significance. South Korea’s presidential palace issued a statement calling for calm. According to Bloomberg reported that the South Korean prosecutor’s office confirmed that eight banks have been required to submit accounts and transaction records Cui and others involved. The eight banks, including Standard Chartered Bank and citigroup. Cui Shunshi worried about the destruction of evidence and escape, prosecutors announced on the evening of October 31st, in the absence of the application to the court, the emergency arrest of Cui Shunshi. According to South Korean media reports, there is no public Cui Shunshi presidential suspected of leaking confidential documents, corruption and misappropriation of funds, the use of public power or control state. Even Japan, South Korea and more people held a rally to protest "bestie", park Geun hye responsibility requirements. Known as the hometown of political Park Geun hye said Daegu, Gyeongbuk area, local teachers and students of the University have published October 31st requirements punish Cui Shunshi and park Geun hye to step down the declaration.相关的主题文章: