Heilongjiang informed 5 inspections found and dealt with violations of the provisions of the eight i 音羽かなで

Heilongjiang informed the 5 patrol found and investigated eight violations of the provisions of the eleven Heilongjiang provincial problem since the launch of the ninth round of inspections, the inspection teams strict implementation of provincial inspection work regulations, adhere to the problem oriented, to find clues in violation of the provisions of the central eight mental problems over and supervise the inspection party (party) enact change, quick check fast knot. Each patrol party (party) conscientiously fulfill the main responsibility of the transfer problem clues, conducted a careful investigation, to give serious violation of discipline, reflects the seriousness of inner-party supervision, the formation of a strong deterrent. 5 typical problems are notified as follows. First, the provincial grain and oil health monitoring stations violation of public funds and other issues. Heilongjiang provincial grain and oil health monitoring station was established in violation of the provisions of the new good food technology Co., Ltd., and the use of the company to engage in illegal dining in the cafeteria, send gifts and benefits. 2012 to 2015, the cumulative purchase of high-grade tobacco is 98 thousand yuan, 266 thousand yuan of illegal public funds to send boxing, illegal bonuses and welfare of 81 thousand yuan. Provincial organs Discipline Committee give province oil health monitoring station deputy stationmaster Liu the party warning, the original owners Kang Xinping suspected violations of the law have been transferred to judicial organs. Two, long coal group geological exploration company chairman and general manager Cai Chao illegal use of excessive car problem. In August 2013, geological prospecting company in accordance with the requirements of the group, 2010 will buy a Volkswagen Phaeton sedan sealed. October 26, 2015, Cai Chao unauthorized use of the car to work in Harbin. Dragon coal group Party committee to give Cai Chao party warning. Three, Office of Letters and Visits Weihe forestry bureau chief Chou Jiafu violations make arrangements for her wedding issue. August 1, 2016, Chou Jiafu held a wedding banquet for her daughter in a hotel, more than the standard 8 tables. Forestry Bureau 6 level cadres work in time. Weihe forestry bureau Party committee to give him rich party a serious warning, 6 level cadres to work time to attend the wedding of admonishing conversation and informed, the Deputy Secretary Huang Fulun instructed to make a written examination. Four, Jixian County People’s court civil trial tribunal two Wang Xiaodong Gongjusiyong problem. March 27, 2016, Wang Xiaodong driving the bus from the Jixian County People’s court to the mountains of the Fifth Ring stadium to buy badminton, traffic accident on the way. Identified by the traffic police department, Wang Xiaodong full responsibility for the accident. Jixian County People’s court to give Wang Xiaodong a demerit. Five, the Provincial Land Tax Bureau cadres Sun Guoxing and Harbin Local Taxation Bureau cadres Sun Yi, Jia Jianxin public funds tourism. March 2014, Sun Guoxing borrowed Yangzhou to participate in the system of training machine, go to Taizhou, Lu’an, Wuhan and other places of travel, and reimbursement of the cost borne by individuals 2200 yuan. September 2013, Sun Yi, Jia Jianxin borrowed Yangzhou to participate in the system of training machine, to Haining, Yandang Mountain, Hangzhou and other places of tourism, and reimbursement of the cost borne by individuals 3100 yuan. Provincial Land Tax Bureau to give Sun Guoxing administrative warning; Harbin Local Taxation Bureau party to give Sun Yi, Jia Jianxin party warning. National Day is approaching, the province’s Party organizations at all levels should earnestly fulfill the main responsibility to strictly, strictly enforce the rules and regulations, strengthen supervision and management, by pass)相关的主题文章: