Courting envy! Fans buy hundreds of Macang peach single CD show love winbook

Courting envy! Fans buy new seiyuu Ma Cang hundreds of Macang peach single CD show love debuted in 2012 peach on sale in November 2nd the debut single "with you" tomorrow, this is her solo debut song. Although the work is still a small number of new jobs, but she is pure and beautiful, as well as the voice of the TrySail and the accumulation of popularity, or captured a lot of fans. Yesterday was the first day of her first single release, a crazy fans on Twitter to show up to buy hundreds of singles CD. Previously, Asakura Momo as a member of the TrySail with a combination of good sales results. The first single of her solo song, "love is the animated film on your that moment. An introduction to the second part of the Committee on the implementation of advertisements. Therefore, the single is also divided into two dimensional cover plate and the cover plate of the three dimension, the cover plate of the three dimension is divided into the first back to limit the disk and usually the disk of the two. Two three dimensional disc cover covers are ma Cang peach I limited disc Ma Cang peach with peach, peach and Ma Cang disc usually put peaches at the top of the head, very cute. A large number of buyers to buy CD peach fan two dimensional disk, the first back to limit the disk, usually have to buy the disk, even with these CD he spelled a heart-shaped pattern. Another picture of all the CD stacked together, it is stunned, almost to the ceiling. For the love of the fans, on the house have commented: "this love hate day." "Visual has around 160, that figure what to buy?" "It is in order to participate in the filming of the lottery ticket." The dolphin "sound mind, don’t cheat their money cheat who." Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime相关的主题文章: