Da Finch’s manuscript appeared authentic outside Italy’s largest exhibition department of Tsinghua 嘿嘿taxi

· Finch’s manuscript appeared authentic outside Italy’s largest exhibition department of Tsinghua Beijing August 30 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Ma Haiyan) fourteenth Century Renaissance painting master Finch · "the the Atlantic Codex" 60 pieces of authentic manuscript today unveiled the Tsinghua University Art Museum, this is the largest in Italy outside of these manuscripts on display. The exhibition contains up to · 60 pieces Finch "the the Atlantic Codex" manuscript, authentic device model and the "Last Supper" (John 1611-1616, Weiss Pino, showing at the same time and copy) the latest creation of contemporary international art and science. And · Finch museum with authentic manuscripts and the Warring States period, "Tsinghua jane". "Tsinghua Jane" middle Warring States Chu tomb unearthed cultural relics, a total number of about 2500, nearly 6 words, in the history of classical, mainly to understand the early appearance and development of Chinese civilization, has the important value of bamboo shape and ancient Chinese characters etc.. The newly opened Museum of art, Tsinghua University, covers an area of about 1.5 hectares, with a total area of about 9000 square meters. The existing collection of 13000 components, including the category of painting, dyeing, ceramics, furniture, bronzes and comprehensive art in 6 categories. Its first show a total of 7 blocks of 11 exhibitions, namely: "dialogue of · the fourth Finch International Arts and Sciences Exhibition", "foot feelings — Tsinghua School staff Zagreb Exhibition", "School of Taiwanese – Tsinghua University Academy of Fine Arts Art Exhibition", "Tsinghua – from the Tsinghua University Art Museum collection exhibition", "the classic bamboo – Tsinghua Jane Literature Exhibition", "building, the construction of disciplines — Tsinghua special exhibition", "Si Xian – Tsinghua University Academy of Fine Arts teacher heart art exhibition". Tsinghua University art museum curator Feng Yuan said, in addition to the museum for teachers and students, but also for the public, for the international, national service culture and art lovers, the spread of Chinese culture exchange bear responsibility. (end)相关的主题文章: