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"Securities Godfather" gold tube: equity investment era Paper Zhang Qin "a seminar last June 6th, many people want me to say a few words on the two class market ebullience words, the result is I poured a pot of cold water. I said I do not care about the two market, I now pay more attention to equity investment market." In September 18th the "overseas capital China enterprise road" forum, Shanghai nine Song Shan Equity Investment Fund Management Limited (hereinafter referred to as the "nine Song Shan") chairman of the board, known as the "China securities Godfather Guan Jinsheng of Tencent Finance said that he himself with the help of the equity investment fund return, because equity investment has come of age. "From the historical point of view, any economic power, must by the overseas equity investment enterprises, directly penetrate into the micro system in economy, and other economic and social development, the relationship between related by flesh and blood." Guan Jinsheng believes that long-term consumption of domestic resources, the realization of the economic growth is not sustainable, there will be a narrow growth rate, efficiency and other issues. Some people worry that cross-border mergers and acquisitions will consume foreign exchange, reduce foreign exchange reserves, increase the risk of foreign exchange. In fact, through cross-border mergers and acquisitions to pay out of the foreign exchange, but the original form of foreign exchange reserves in the form of foreign exchange assets into foreign capital." Guan Jinsheng said. In his view, the main form of foreign exchange reserves in the form of bonds, cross-border mergers and acquisitions of foreign exchange reserves, can effectively ease the risk of fluctuations in foreign exchange market investment and currency manipulation and other human factors. In the absence of the third world war under the premise of equity assets as a whole higher than the profit margin assets, more conducive to the preservation and appreciation of foreign exchange assets. When asked what lessons should be learned is the current financial practitioners, the Tencent finance tube Jinsheng said: "especially to the one-sided emphasis on the development of financial capital vigilance, ignoring the real economy, the economic and social problems arising." Therefore, he believes that if the specific cross-border mergers and acquisitions in the field, the main body of the enterprise should be the entity, the entity should belong to the enterprise. In this process, the need to support financial capital and financial talent, in order to start and promote. Guan Jinsheng mentioned that nine rivers and mountains has been with Shanghai, Zhejiang, the two companies reached a consensus on the design of cross-border mergers and acquisitions fund. However, the principle of operation of the fund is that the entity must be led by the enterprise, cross-border mergers and acquisitions fund itself is a financial tool, but not the protagonist". Guan Jin said the survival of the cross-border mergers and acquisitions fund does not participate in the arrangement did not exit, there is no acquisition of industrial capital, its main purpose is to open up the cross-border mergers and acquisitions of private enterprises as the protagonist of the Second World War line. At the meeting, he proposed the formation of one of the main cross-border mergers and acquisitions of listed companies. "If we can put up the alliance in Japan and Europe, on the United States, Israel, team culture, the coordination of the whole market, so Chinese enterprise intrinsic value and competitiveness will be immeasurable." He said. The 69 year old gold tube, was founded in February 1988, the first China Securities – Wanguo Securities Company; in November 1990, the Shanghai Stock Exchange was established from the trading rules, equipment, until the traders training system, by Guan Jinsheng hand.相关的主题文章: