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The new service opens today "future prosperity" "asked" multiple benefits to come to Zhongzhou, game original title: "the future prosperity of the new service opens today" asked "multiple benefits to come to Zhongzhou in October," asked "Lane new service" future prosperity "shocked to open today, the new service activities and October exclusive welfare hot strikes, Zhongzhou to open a new journey of cultivation. More million gift portrait run, create a new battle frenzy. "Asked" to help you all night war Zhongzhou, to write a new legend of fairy! The theme of the chamber open October Carnival not intermittent "asked" Lane new service "future prosperity" today officially hit, "asked" theme room open, to restore the real scene, the perfect show "asked" the classic picture of success will be game player from virtual to reality. There are multiple chamber activities fiery open, bring real experience through game player. Players can contact the player can contact the staff phone (185-1333-3416) to participate in the October every Saturday afternoon chamber of Secrets wonderful activities, located in Beijing, Caishikou, 6, a hospital on the street. More "asked" the younger the whole play, the theme of the new chamber do not miss the fun of the game!     2799 yuan red big run, a new journey "asked" Lane new service "future prosperity" popular open today, tens of millions of welfare enjoy broadcasting, now visit the new service to get the value of 2799 yuan a red envelope. In addition, "asked" for each one in the cultivation of the new service for novice game player exclusive benefits, 190 pieces of rare props big run, massive game currency, game player experience and equipment recommended level 80, boosting speed rise! Millions of packs to create a new battle frenzy, invites you to an early night Yuezhan, boarded the Zhongzhou peak! The official COS group unveiled Yuezhan overnight in Zhongzhou today "asked" Lane new service "future prosperity" hot open, the official COS stunning debut, with the vast number of friends together in Zhongzhou, Xinle. The new service experience. "Asked" to participate in the October Festival carnival, a $spirit monkey, massive silver ingots, animal mounts, and six order variation, the 80 stage 4 jewelry, props and experience Daoxing generous gift! The official COS group overnight Yuezhan Zhongzhou, do not come to play?   (commissioning editor: Shen Guangqian, Bi Lei)相关的主题文章: