The first list of future science awards announced Xue Qikun and Lu Yuming Award 残清1864

The future of science award first announced Xue Qikun and Lu Yuming prize winning Tencent science news, September 19, 2016, nomination, strict screening and review after a year and a half, the first list of Chinese folk Science Award – the first prize winner in the future science this afternoon in Beijing officially announced. Xue Qikun, Tsinghua University, Chinese University Hong Kong, were awarded the "Material Science Award" and "life science award". Xue Qikun, the winner of the material science prize for material science award, made a breakthrough in the study of exotic quantum phenomena by molecular beam epitaxy. Molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) is an advanced thin film growth method, which can be used to grow single crystal films on the substrate. He and his collaborators have prepared a variety of high quality single crystal thin films, which made it possible for the first time in 2012 to find the quantum anomalous Holzer effect and the monolayer of iron and selenium high temperature superconductivity on SrTiO3 substrates. The two have been found by many research groups repeated, and inspire more research activities in the world, is expected to further enhance the critical temperature of superconducting quantum anomalous Holzer effect and interface, so it has more practical value. Lu Yuming, the winner of the life science award at the life science award, has made a pioneering contribution to noninvasive prenatal genetic testing based on the discovery of fetal DNA in maternal peripheral blood. Lu Yuming’s work in 1997 and in the year of 1998 found that there was a fetal free DNA in maternal blood. Based on these early characteristics, Lu Yuming launched a series of research work to study the fetal DNA, proved the feasibility of using fetal DNA to diagnosis of genetic diseases and the actual, finally created a new approach to the detection of Down syndrome by the second generation of gene sequencing, and has been applied in more than and 90 countries. In China alone, more than one million pregnant women receive the test every year. This revolutionary approach has enabled millions of newborns to avoid genetic diseases. The future of Science Award sponsored by the forum for the future, to reward outstanding contributions to scientific development of scientists (nationalities) award, to set up a management committee, under the jurisdiction of supervision and enforcement mechanism, mechanism and awards the Nobel prize, the world famous Turing Award and other awards of scientific standards, by nine Chinese scientists and Scientific Committee of professional judges oriented approaches, nomination and review process independently, the parties on the selection results can not exert any influence. Chinese Ding Hong, Institute of physics, University of Chicago, Princeton University, Peking University, Sichuan where Li Kai Rao Yi, Peking University and the Princeton University Tian Gang, Beijing Institute of life sciences, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Wang Xiaodong Wen Xiaogang, the South University of science and technology and the Northwestern University, Xia Zhihong Xie Xiaoliang of Harvard University including members of the scientific committee. Review the whole process of fairness, justice, the principle of public trust, to ensure a high degree of independence, by the full supervision of the supervisory committee. Future science award is currently set up life science and material science, the two awards, bonuses from the future forum director donation. Each award jointly donated by four donors, life science prize, Robin Li Shen Napeng, Ding Jian donated human and material science prize donated Zhang Lei.相关的主题文章: