The typhoon caused Zhejiang, sudden landslides 6 people missing – Beijing 步步高i606

The typhoon caused Zhejiang, sudden landslides 6 people missing – Beijing, Beijing, September 29 Wenzhou Xinhua (reporter trainee reporter Li Tingting Li Qianqian) the seventeenth typhoon this year, "catfish" on September 28th at 4:40 in the coastal areas of Huian and Fujian County of Quanzhou province. Under its influence, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province in Wencheng County in heavy rain. According to Wencheng County Propaganda Department official micro-blog "Wencheng release news, in the long time of heavy rainfall, Baofeng County, the village of Shuang GUI Xiang 6 houses were destroyed by mudslides, killing 6 people missing, the current search and rescue work is being carried out. At 2:40 on the afternoon of September 28th, Wencheng County issued a Red Rainstorm Warning signal. According to statistics, 27, 08 to 28, 20, the county rainfall 408.7 mm, the? Rainfall of 410.3 mm, 500 mm more than the site: Zhou Shan Xiang Shuang GUI Xiang 649.3 mm, 575.3 mm, 557.1 mm Gong Yang Shan, 554.8 mm, 549.6 mm, Zhu Lin, jade dragon 526.7 mm. It is understood that, as at 28 o’clock in the evening, the county’s affected population of 126 thousand people, houses collapsed in the middle of the transfer of the population of 11 thousand and 852 people, a total of 76. The direct economic loss of 328 million yuan, of which, crops affected area of 95 thousand acres, of which 70 thousand and 300 acres of grain, animal husbandry and fishery economic loss of 36 million 800 thousand yuan, industrial transportation economic loss of 186 million yuan, 25 million 600 thousand yuan in direct economic losses of water conservancy facilities. (end)相关的主题文章: