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3 year old girl coughed kindergarten parents together after the stamp with rage! Sohu mother Ms. Wang’s daughter An An (a pseudonym) 3 years old this year, enrolled in Guangdong in September just a normal college kindergarten class, since admission since has been accompanied by coughing, runny nose symptoms, but also because of the weekend to see eye keratitis, half a month to go to the hospital 4 times. "At first, I thought it was a weather problem, and I found that many children in the class had a cough and runny nose." Ms. Wang said, since to the kindergarten, Ann becomes very love nose, how to teach not to listen, say an itchy nose, shortly after she developed symptoms of cough, keratitis, went to the hospital several times have not improved. In recent days, WeChat group where parents parents exposed kindergarten new bed problems. Ms. Wang just think of going to kindergarten for a long time, kindergarten teacher had let parents take the child’s quilt pillow home cleaning, at that time felt the taste of wood paint". The last two weeks, the WeChat group of parents, more and more parents of children appear cough, runny nose and even nosebleeds symptoms. "There are 18 parents in a group, including seven or eight children who have these symptoms." Ms. Wang said, the kindergarten have access, send their children to the kindergarten classroom teaching building entrance on the first floor of the small class parents generally only, can not enter the class view. So it took so long to realize that it might have been a problem. Do not dare to school lunch break, the students have to leave because the doctor told Ann Ann’s eyes can no longer be stimulated, or keratitis will increase, Ms. Wang these days to Ann leave at home to rest. Since the new bed after the problem, many parents have chosen to pick up the child to noon lunch. Ms. Wang said, there are many children because of illness and leave at home to rest. In a small group of 29 parents of parents to see WeChat, there are 8 children to ask the teacher leave. Yesterday morning, many parents with children to kindergarten, hoping to stop the use of the park can have a problem with a new bed, or dare not let the children go to school. The classroom is about 40 square meters, two folding beds were placed a new installation. According to the parents, the only folding bed when use only, usually used as a storage cabinet shop. Some classroom bed cabinet placed on the smell of orange peel, but standing outside the classroom can still smell wood paint taste. According to Mr. Wei said that the national day kindergarten class is the earliest use of wooden bed, wooden bed is only a shift last week. The small group of parents suspected toxic bed outgoing message, middle class parents once asked to stop using the new bed, but did not agree to park. "The shop is stuffed into these cabinets, has been boring inside the taste is greater, children sleep quilt cover, how much gas to suck. The parents asked the testing agencies, two gas exceed the standard according to the question of parents, kindergarten parents over the weekend to WeChat group to send a copy of the inspection report of the bed. The report said the items seized by the bed are in line with the "interior decoration materials, wood furniture harmful substances limited" standard, as qualified. However, parents did not feel relieved. One in one class相关的主题文章: