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UnCategorized Lets admit it. There are days when none of us feel like leaving the house, and when we do, it could be useful do have some home exercise equipment laying around so we at least can get some work done! I am going to be honest with you. Where I live, 95% of all the gyms are public gyms, and what that means in Sweden is that 90% of all the equipment in the gyms is crap. I can easily tell you 4 famous gym chains that have 4-5 settings of the leg-extension, of the leg-curl machines, of the pec-dec machine, and so on. When it .es to the type of equipment that works, such as dumbbells, barbells, resistance bands, or weight vests, you have to work hard to get your hands on one of those. Sure, you may get a hold of a pair of dumbbells that you can do some shoulder presses with, but where should you stand? The free-weight room is so small and so full that you barely have any space left. So for those of you who have your own hardcore centers (I would love to have one of those here) with basically only barbells and dumbbells, you should be grateful and happy, because where I live, you would not last a second, you would go crazy! For that reason, I tend to perform most of my workouts at home. When I do visit the public gyms, I talk to a buddy of mine who works there to find out what time the place is the least crowded so I can use the barbells for at least a few sets. But when I do workout at home, what exercise equipment do I use? 1. Adjustable dumbbells. This is probably the most important tool you need to have in your home if you are serious about burning ugly fat and building sexy muscles. All those plastic dumbbells that weigh between 4-6 lbs, forget about them! There are several different brands out there to choose from today, and they weigh anywhere from 20lbs up to 500lbs. I am not going to promote any certain brand, so just google adjustable dumbbells, and try to find a brand that fits the amount of resistance you are looking for and have an attractive price tag. With a pair of adjustable dumbbells, you can make sure to always stay on top of the principle of overload, and never get .fortable using the exact same weight for the exact same number of reps. With a pair of adjustable dumbbells you can still try to beat your own personal record every single workout, and you will not even think about the fact that you are doing it at home! 2. Chinup bar If you are in to a lot of bodyweight training and only try to stay in shape without building too much muscle, then a chinup bar is a must have. Or let me clarify that, either way, a chinup bar MUST be available in every home! It is as easy as that. Without any dumbbells and only bodyweight exercises, you need a tool that can help you figure out how to work your back muscles, because that is one of the few limitations bodyweight training have, you do not have an exercise that targets your large back muscles. So for a chinup bar, I would re.mend those with an arch attached to it since they allow you to attach it to your door frame, and then taking it down without leaving any marks or bolts on your door frame. I use it in basically all of my home workouts, and it works awesome together with your circuit workouts! I could go on with a few more equipments such as resistance bands, stability balls, elite rings, etc. Fact is, if you invest in the 2 tools mentioned above, you will be able to get amazing workouts from the .fort of your own home, whether your goal is fat loss or muscle building! Both these tools are available online and at your local sporting goods store! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: