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15 square meters of garret "frozen" nearly 20 thousand pieces of "treasures" of the game player is often on Xiao geography, knowledge of history and culture, from trifles, proficient in calligraphy and painting, have a certain economic strength and professional experience of the. Should be rich, there is room, exhibition hall, the strength of names". However, there was a private collection in a narrow garret Shanghai Beijing road in the "shiraai people", 15 square meters in the garret "frozen" nearly 20 thousand pieces of "treasures", is a collection of all kinds of collectibles, a superb collection of beautiful things, Tingzijian "shiraai people" You Jianrong. "Small" is the typical structure of Shanghai old residential alley, is the master before the reception room "auxiliary" room towards the north, the area is relatively small. To Tingzijian "Collection House" to enter from the alley door, walk across the floor of the public kitchen, set foot on the narrow dark wooden stairs on both sides of the corridor piled up and hanging plastic packages are not commonly used for miscellaneous items, accidentally hit the head hanging. Narrow stairs can only accommodate one person walking, two people meet in turn can only avoid. The two floor of the garret "Collection House" surprising, 15 square meters of the room is occupied by various collections, a small space to accommodate 3 people at the same time standing. On one side of the wall of the rosewood showcase inside and on top of the "full" teapot, ceramics, jade carving, old wine and all kinds of ornaments. The other wall hanging shelf filled with different shapes, ceramic, stone, gourd, walnut shaped miniature bonsai ornaments, paintings, bronzes and so on, the little garret is dazzling, as will be a superb collection of beautiful things, all of them are spread out to accommodate a medium-sized museum. In numerous collections teapot "enjoy" a "citizen" treatment, he is also the most proficient and favorite "baby", the teapot is basically "home" in the rosewood cupboard. The teapot has a red clay teapot pot is not very conspicuous, but delicate, the kettle body is provided with a row of copper nails, like a "fence" through the ups and downs of the pot body and the pot body all blend into one harmonious whole. The original is the teapot is broken, please repair the ceramic craftsmen "hit the copper nail repair, not only restore teapot function, and make the teapot with a history of more old and distinctive. In the garret "treasure house", You Jianrong not only "playing" all kinds of collectibles, kept 2 can mimic human speech mynah and 1 cats, 1 dogs, the roof of the "terrace" planting a variety of flowers and bonsai, can be regarded as the authentic Shanghai "shiraai people". Every morning, he watered the flowers, bonsai after with the bird cage to the park in the terrace to liuniao song and laughter, and "bird mimic human Gracula" words, make him out. Incredibly, the narrow garret also adopted a cat and dog, they never noisy, and the cat and the dog never jump to the collection shelf, nor break a collection of treasures. The cat was a stray cat in which he had been taken, and he had 6 children who had no difficulty with the master, who seemed to know the master’s love, without destroying the master’s favorite collection. Decades ago, You Jianrong joined the field of a strange combination of circumstances, therefore, he quit smoking and wine for investment)相关的主题文章: