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10 days to scout destroyed drug gangs seized 2 kilograms of heroin – Sohu news yesterday, the Beijing morning news reporter from the Fengtai Public Security Bureau narcotics squadron was informed that the police destroyed a drug trafficking gang, arresting 3 suspects and seized 2 kilograms of heroin in high purity. Currently, the 3 suspects have been under criminal detention. By the end of 2015, according to Fengtai to persuade players to provide clues to the police: a group of people fled to Fengtai District, Liuliqiao, west bureau of Taiping Bridge area devoted to drug trafficking activities, and more stable source of drugs. After a preliminary investigation of the drug trafficking network organized, clear division of labor, secretive, frequent activities, Fengtai Bureau of narcotics squadron reported the information bureau of narcotics corps, set up a task force investigation. After careful investigation of nearly 10 months, to determine the key members of the gang in October this year, get important information of the task force: the drug gangs a major suspect Wang plans to carry large amounts of drugs from Yunnan to Beijing trading. The ad hoc group of Wang and immediately surrounding the contacts to conduct a comprehensive investigation and control, but the consciousness of anti investigation this gang suspects is extremely strong, without any signs of activity within several days. In order to avoid the ad hoc group of investigators to act rashly and alert the enemy, they can only take "means to die to defend", for 10 days, 24 hours a day the investigators watched Wang et al every act and every move. Through the hard waiting, the task force finally got the time and place of drug trafficking gang agreed transaction information. The early morning of October 29th, the suspects began to place Fengtai District Xiaotun village, ready for the drug delivery in the field". In Wang and two other accomplices wait for buyers, the arrest scene investigators make a prompt decision on the implementation of the arrest of suspects. Faced with the sudden appearance of a scout, Wang and others to drive away, in the containment of investigators tried to throttle and crashed into the police, have experienced investigators quickly broken windows suspect uniforms. After Wang carry luggage sandwich seized suspicious 3 bags of white powder, the suspect of a temporary ancient cottage seized a suspicious white powder plastic bags 8 bags. After identification, the case has seized 2236 grams of heroin. 3 suspects have been under criminal detention. It is understood that the actions of the police but also cut off an important channel to Beijing from Yunnan transportation of heroin.相关的主题文章: